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TeleMental Health Services & Online Therapy


Short-term Solution-Focused Therapy and Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Expertise in Short-term solution-focused therapy and Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral therapy to include individual therapy, family therapy and play therapy for children, adolescents and adults. I also provide services to the mentally, visually and developmentally challenged individuals. I also provide premarital couple individual and group therapy. Active and Active Teen Parenting series with a certificate upon completion is also available for individual or group setting. Parent sessions are used to help caregivers develop strategies to work with their children and adolescents at home.

Family therapy is used to help each members understand how they can strengthen and support each other. Individually, adult work addressing issues such as: depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, grief & loss,  stress management, divorce, blended families, domestic violence, family relationships, women's issues, past trauma, parenting, COVID-19 trauma and etc.

Mental Health Counseling
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Emotional Support Services

Services are performed by trained individuals in their area (s) of expertise. Emotional support services include and are not limited to:

  • Court mandated anger management

  • Parenting classes including teen parenting

  • Family counseling

  • Grief counseling (individually or groups)

  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation Services (family or divorce)

  • Premarital counseling


Call and let us know what you need! Services may vary by the state you live in.

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Spiritual & Pastoral Counseling 

Pastoral Counseling is a form of psychotherapy with the option of using spiritual resources with psychological understanding to inspire healing,  growth and deepening ones relationship with God and/or their relationships with their surroundings which they gain inspiration.   Pastoral counselors are professionally licensed and ministry ordained counselors and charge a fee for services. Only certified or licensed counselors may bill insurance companies.  Our Pastoral counselors have extensive minimal education of Master’s degree in theology and /or formal residential training of Clinical Pastoral Education(CPE),  which is a specialized training to equip to talk to people of any and all faiths to include those who do not ascribe to a religion.  Pastoral Counselors do not prescribe any forms of medication.

Additional Spiritual Care Services include:

  • Premarital Assessments & Counseling

  • Officiate wedding ceremonies

  • Perform Baptisms including infants

  • Family Counseling

  • Advanced directive services

Spiritual Counseling

Currently, all of our services are being offered as a telemental health platform and we are no longer accepting face-to-face visits and all you need is access to a telephone, internet, and have an email.

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