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About Montgomery Individual & Family Therapy

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Trusted & Compassionate Therapist with Decades of Experience

Meet Your Counselor Ayngi Montgomery

LPC-S, BCC, M.Ed., M.Div

I am Ayngi Montgomery and I am pleased to serve you as a mental health clinician serving in a variety of settings since 1993.  The motto of our practice “we are here to journey with you as you tell your story”.  We all have a story to share as we journey through this life together.  The good, the bad and the ugly have gotten us to this point in our lives.  As a therapist I join you on your journey as we discover how to fulfill your life’s destiny.  We teach each other and growth occurs when we become “broken/ open” to new opportunities and discovering untapped potential.   

The Best in TeleMental Health & Online Video Counseling

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We Are Also Dedicated To Offering Counseling & Therapy
to the Military & First Responders 

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